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Sydney Marriage Certificate Translation Service


Australian Multi Lingual has been providing translation services to customers in Sydney for over 10 years.




Australian Multi Lingual Services provides NAATI certified marriage certificate and marriage license translation services to customers in the Sydney area, NSW.


Marriage certificate translations for submission to Australian government departments and the law courts are required to be completed by a translator with accreditation at Professional Level by NAATI. All of our translators working on marriage certificates and other migration and legal related documents have accreditation at professional level by NAATI. Marriage certificate translations which have not been translated by a Professional Level NAATI accredited translator will not be accepted for migration purposes or by the courts for divorce applications. Marriage certificate translations must be stamped, signed, dated and certified by the translator. The marriage certificate translation must be accompanied by a translation Affidavit if the document is being submitted for divorce proceedings.


AMLS Marriage Certificate translations:


  • Accepted by the Australian courts and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, NAATI accredited
  • Delivery Turnaround time, 1-2 working days for electronic copies, hardcopy version of marriage certificate translations follow in the post.
  • If applying for a divorce, we can provide you with the accompanying marriage certificate translation Affidavit.
  • Allow additional time (1-2 working days) if an accompanying Affidavit is required.
  • Express marriage certificate translation service available


Marriage certificate translation process:


  • You will need to scan and email a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Once this is received, the translation will be conducted by a NAATI accredited translator into English.
  • Following completion of the translation an electronic copy of the translated marriage certificate will be emailed to you.
  • The hardcopy version of the translated marriage certificate (and Affidavit if required) will then be mailed out to you in the post. The translation will include the translator's NAATI stamp, certification and signature.


Translation service locations:


» Brisbane Marriage Certificate translation

» Perth Marriage Certificate translation

» Sydney Marriage Certificate translation

» Melbourne Marriage Certificate translation


WE offer marriage certificate translations in over 60 languages, the most common requests are listed below:


  • Indonesian Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Malay Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Spanish Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Portuguese Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Italian Marriage Certificate Translation
  • German Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Japanese Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Arabic Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Russian Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Chinese Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Korean Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Greek Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Persian Marriage Certificate Translation
  • French Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Vietnamese Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Thai Marriage Certificate Translation
  • Other


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